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Subscription based products and services

Subscription based products and services

We provide a unique, high quality, and concise purpose-designed suite of integrated macroeconomic and financial market analytic products, aimed primarily at C-suite and senior-level executives, along with other severely time-constrained strategic decision makers.

Our typical clients are those for whom macroeconomics in the broad is important; yet feel inundated by high-frequency comment; and who want to keep up with key developments, want them assessed, and appreciate insights and views that ‘cut through the noise’, are truly independent, and are born of long experience. 

Our team is made up of highly experienced individuals from around the world, who have served at the most senior levels – in government, central banks, global financial institutions, and business – and are expert in identifying the key drivers of events, market turning points, risks, trends, and implications.

Integrated Macro product suite

Global Economy & Outlook (GEO) pack

(70+ slides)


A unique, data-rich, macroeconomic and financial market slide pack ─ the true ‘go-to’ reference pack for all senior people who need to be kept abreast of developments but have little time.

Unlike other such offerings, our GEO pack not only presents the most important data and updates them weekly: it also assesses their significance, both in a conjunctural and a longer-term context.

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Key Developments and Chart of the week (1 page)


Our selection of, and judgement on, the week’s most important data, policy, and other developments – important for assessing whether the most important relationships that underpin our World View and Risks remain valid.

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World View and Risks
(2 pages)
Plus a comprehensive appendix of substantiation and evidence


Our judgements, generally qualitative, of the likely behaviour over the coming 12 months or so of the current principal drivers of the world economy – economic and non-economic − and prospects and risks for key economic and market variables of concern to investors and firms.

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Macroeconomic analysis
(1 to 4 pages)


Analysis of macroeconomic themes and drivers – monetary and fiscal policy, consumer and business behaviour, etc. – that determine economic and market outcomes. (Offered as our signature 1-page Global Letter, or more in-depth Analysis pieces.) [≈30 pa]

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MacroPlus analysis
(1 to 4 pages)


Analysis of other macro themes and drivers – including key technologies, climate change, nature/biodiversity − that increasingly determine economic & market outcomes. [≈12 pa]

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Presentation of our latest World View and Risks, with an opportunity to put questions to the team.

Contact time

As needed

An option to include additional time to discuss specific issues.

Geopolitical option

Geopolitical Update [by Gatehouse Advisory Partners] (2 to 3 pages)


A concise summary of key geopolitical developments of the week that Gatehouse Advisory Partners are watching, by country or region.

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Please see link below to download a one-page overview of our subscription-based product and services offering.

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