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International trade & facilitation

Headed by:

Senior Associate

Tim Thomas

Tim is an independent legal consultant and head of the firm’s International trade & facilitation practice area, specialising in all aspects of international trade in services, immigration and international employment law, with a long history of working for and advising international businesses. Tim is a UK solicitor who previously worked for a number of employer associations including the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF), now Make UK, in the UK and Europe. He then helped found a bespoke UK consultancy following UK’s departure from the EU to advise on the trade in services. He now advises businesses and business organisations throughout Europe, UK, and globally. Prior to this, he worked as a UK lawyer in Brussels, for the UK Government and in a private law practice. During this time, he practised in commercial, company, and corporate law and worked as general counsel for UK businesses.

Tim Thomas

Senior Associate

Tim Thomas

Senior Associate

The global value of the exchange of capital, goods and services – ‘international trade’ – amounts to $28 trillion annually.

Successful, compliant, and mutually beneficial exchange creates wealth, brings communities and nations closer together and, notwithstanding increasing geopolitical tensions, remains a powerful force for good.

Our Independent Economics team of experts offers clients a wealth of experience.

We work with government, businesses, and key international organisations, including the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and World Customs Organisation (WCO).

We advise governments and companies of all sizes and in many sectors.

On a wide range of issues: from customs and immigration regulation, transportation and warehousing, the provision of cross-border services and movement of people, to the impacts of changes to supply chains, specific risks to trade in goods and services from political upheaval and natural disasters, and national and global policy – including global trade agreements, free ports, WTO trade policy, and resultant issues of regulation, breaches, sanctions, and remedies.


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