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Defence and Security

Co-headed by:


Terry Scuoler

Terry is an industrialist, Chairman, non-executive Director, and business advisor.

He is Chair of the Institute of Export & International Trade, Talent Retention Solutions (TRS), and is an advisor to a number of companies.From 2010-17 Terry was the CEO of the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) representing some 20,000 UK companies at the highest levels of government including sitting on a number of high profile Ministerial Committees.

During his tenure at the EEF he served, from 2010-1017, as Chairman of the Council of European Employers for the Metals, Manufacturing and Technologies industries representing some 230,000 companies at the top tables in Brussels and EU member state capitals.

Prior to joining EEF Terry was Managing Director of Ferranti Technologies which he transformed from loss making and decline into a highly successful and profitable organisation.

Terry is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and has a Masters degree in Political Economy and Economic History from the University of Glasgow.

Head of Defence and Security

Lt General (Rtd) Sir Andrew Graham CB CBE

A former Deputy Commander of Coalition Forces in Iraq, a Brigade Commander in Northern Ireland and Director General of the United Kingdom Defence Academy, Andrew is an acknowledged expert in global Defence and Security and the wider geopolitical challenges of emerging threat levels, conflict, post-conflict and disaster recovery and nation building.

He has served as a non-executive Director of a major UK Government department, been closely involved in three UK national Defence and Security Reviews and has worked as an Advisor and Ambassador to a number of international Corporations, Agencies and Organisations.

Andrew is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied Languages and History.

Terry Scuoler


Lt General (Rtd) Sir Andrew Graham CB CBE

Head of Defence and Security

Terry Scuoler


Lt General (Rtd) Sir Andrew Graham CB CBE

Head of Defence and Security

National Security – the safeguarding of national interests – depends on an effective combination of foreign policy, defence policy, and economic policy.

Recent and not so recent events in Eastern Europe and elsewhere have reminded members of NATO and other nations that while the obvious political, economic, and security tensions of the Cold-War years may have slackened somewhat, the basic causes of distrust between Russia and the West – the legacy of the division of Europe after World War II on the one hand and the fundamentally different characteristics of western style democracy and of more totalitarian regimes on the other – remain.  

Meanwhile enduring and emerging political, economic, social, environmental, and security tensions within and between nations across the world have brought home to governments the imperative to reassess their defence and security strategies and consider the consequent implications for their geopolitical alliances, their defence, security, and intelligence forces and agencies, the industries which support them, and the economies which pay for them.

Independent Economics’ expert team of advisers and associates have served at high levels of the Armed Forces, government, and business.

They offer unique experience in understanding and analysing developments and risks for national, international, and human security presented by the contemporary geopolitical context; in assessing the challenges and opportunities for foreign, defence, and economic policy and for business presented by those developments; and in strategic planning and implementation, threat risk mitigation, and post-conflict/crisis recovery.

We continually seek to provide clients with advice and support.

Across the air, maritime, land, and security sectors to help deliver cost effective and sustainable outcomes.


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