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Our Expertise

Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

A deep and thorough understanding and analysis of key economic drivers and risks is an essential part of all business, investment, and government decision making. Our team is led by globally-respected international economists Dr John Llewellyn and Dimitri Zenghelis, who bring deep experience from the academic, policymaking, and investment banking worlds.


Sustainability and systemic transformation are now at the heart of government and business agendas. Yet, to manage the associated risks and achieve effective transition poses challenges that requires a strategic approach combined with a broad range of expertise and experience. This is what Independent Economics provides. 

Our sustainability team is composed of internationally-reputed individuals – practitioners and academics – with a vast body of experience working with companies, investors, regulators, and governments. We bring deep specialist knowledge, along with our networks of leading experts and decision-makers, to help clients plan and address the challenges arising from the shift to sustainability.

Technology Transformation

With the ever increasing pace of technological change, a major challenge for firms and governments is how to identify and transition appropriate new technologies into the world of work. Our team, led by former BP technologist Peter Collinson, helps management develop strategies, and in particular to support technology-focussed decarbonisation.

International Trade & Facilitation

Global international trade, worth $28 trillion annually, is critically important to governments and companies alike. Understanding the relevant forces, policies, laws, and regulations, and figuring out how they will evolve is crucial to success. Our expert specialist team, led by Tim Thomas assists and advises clients worldwide.


With the world less stable and changing faster than at any time in recent history, understanding global trends and threats has become of central importance to most firms and governments. The geopolitics team, in collaboration with Gatehouse Advisory Partners headed by Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Nick Greenstock, assists clients worldwide in managing their risk and capitalising on opportunities.

Defence and Security

The comparatively stable post-WWII consensus has now given way to greater instability and increased threat levels in many regions of the world. the potential implications for companies and governments are immense. Our senior and highly experienced team, led by Terry Scuoler and Lt General (rtd) Sir Andrew Graham, provides clients worldwide with expert analysis and advice.

Organisational Culture & Performance

In an ever-changing world and competitive environment organisations are having to change and adapt as never before. Success requires vision, a sound strategic and viable long-term plan, and the ability to manage change. Steve Cutts, with a long experience with implementing transformational organisational change, leads our work in this area.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Economics is an important component of many legal issues. Our team, headed by Dr John Llewellyn and Preston J. Llewellyn, provides practical yet rigorous support in all areas where economics is at issue, including early case and risk assessment, provision of expert opinion and reports, advice on resolution and settlement, and testifying in court.

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