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Independent Economics is an independent international advisory.

We help businesses and governments to succeed in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

The collective knowledge and experience of our global team of experts is invaluable to clients across a wide range of sectors, helping them unlock knowledge, create opportunities, manage risk, make informed decisions, and plan better for the future.

Previously LlewellynConsulting



Independent Economics was founded in 2009 as Llewellyn Consulting by internationally-renowned economist Dr John Llewellyn and Preston J. Llewellyn.

John has had a wide and varied career. At the OECD, he was variously Head of International Forecasting and Policy Analysis, Editor of the OECD Economic Outlook, Deputy Director for Social Affairs, Manpower and Education, and Chef de Cabinet to the Secretary General. Then he became Global Chief Economist, and later Senior Economic Policy Advisor at Lehman Brothers.

Preston is an experienced business leader and economist. He has over twenty five years’ experience, including over a decade at the industrial ‘coalface’, in a mid-sized electronics and engineering company, serving in a range of senior roles, including corporate strategy, business development, communications, and marketing.

Economists with over seventy years of wide experience between them, John and Preston had become acutely aware of the extent to which economics plays, one way or another, into the great majority of business, financial, and government decisions. 

Economic Analysis

Much of the economic analysis on which decision makers rely is not up to the task. Economic analysis, while often potentially powerful, needs to be appropriate, applied with skill and care, be undertaken in the light of experience, and be presented clearly and succinctly. From day one therefore the core team was buttressed with expertise from a range of senior economists with a wide range of specialisms and in many different parts of the world.


As the company expanded, the breadth of the firm’s commissions in business, financial, and policy areas grew, as did the number of prestigious clients. Accordingly the number of practice areas widened, and the Associate base was enlarged, to bring in highly experienced individuals from around the world, who have served at the most senior levels – in government, central banks, global financial institutions, and business.


Today, more than ever, Independent Economics provides clients with truly independent, rigorous, relevant, expert-backed analysis to help them succeed in their purpose.

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